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Workflow Automation Intranet

Application Highlights

  • Scalable – web-application has scaled with the organization during a time of excessive growth
  • Stable – OmniSpear rolled out the application with very few issues and has been stable since inception
  • Integrated, intelligent email routing
  • Complex status movement with workflow triggering
  • Accounting system integration points to reduce data entry
  • Dynamic PDF generation

Technologies Used

  • Server-Side Development: PHP, Cake-PHP, Java
  • Database: MySQL
  • Client-Side Development: AJAX, JavaScript, HTML

The Business Backer

The Business Backer offers fast, simple financing for small businesses through an innovative list of funding options. OmniSpear developed a workflow management web application to keep track of their proprietary funding process. The web-application is used in every department of the organization and was invaluable during the organization’s past and continuing explosive growth. The Business Backer continues to grow and OmniSpear continues to add functionality to the original web application developed in 2011.

Services Provided

  • Discovery

  • Development

  • Architecture

  • Maintenance