Recovering from CryptoLocker?

CryptoLocker is a form of Ransomware that has been targeting users through phishing emails. It achieves infection by sending phishing emails trying to disguise them as UPS, FedEx, or Xerox. Once infected many users don’t see any signs of infection until CryptoLocker has encrypted a percentage of the documents on their computer and network attached devices.

How can you prevent CryptoLocker?

The best solutions are the tried and true methods of having good up to date antivirus software and spam/virus checking on your email. As a user you should also be wary of anyone you don’t have a regular contact with sending you files. When you have a doubt don’t open them.

Recovering once infected

The only real choice for recovering from the CryptoLocker infection is to restore files from a backup source/service. Finding which files need recovered can be a daunting task, and OmniSpear, Inc. has an answer to assist with that process. OmniSpear has developed an application that tries to match many common file types against their expected file contents. By doing this it can be easier, though not error free, to determine which files and directories should be restored from your backup solution. The scanning tool is freely available at their website.