We Love Employee Reviews!

James PhotoWe love receiving amazing notes about our fellow teammates.  This latest review on James Porcha from our IT department makes us so happy!

“Every team has that “go-to-guy” that it counts on when the game is on the line. The legendary Michael Jordan was that “guy” for the Chicago Bulls Dynasty in the 1990s.  Fast forward to 2016, LeBron James assumes “go-to-guy” status for the defending World Champion Cleveland Cavaliers.

OmniSpear, Inc. has its own version of “go-to-guy.” Most of us depend on computers daily.  So when something goes wrong, we need that “guy” to turn to.  OmniSpear’s version of MJ or King James is James Porcha, a help-desk technician at OmniSpear.  With over 10 years in the IT field, I know James has the experience to help whatever issues arise.

It is interesting to note that this all started out as a hobby for James.  His passion for technology was truly helpful to family and friends who encountered computer issues.  It has now transitioned into a successful career.  And you can count on James during times of need.

As stated on OmniSpear’s website, when it comes to buying or repairing computers and other technology, James has clearly established a reputation for himself as everyone’s – wait for it – “Go-To-Guy!”

OmniSpear Scene75 Office Party

LAN PartyWhat better way to celebrate successful project launches than to head out to Scene75 for a day of games, Go-Karts, bowling and bumper cars?  Our group had a great time enjoying some team building this past Friday.  A few competitive rounds of Go-Karts, game racing and mini-golf challenges really helped pump us up for upcoming projects!


Fresh New Look for Melink


Melink is an energy solutions company that strives to make building construction greener with a focus on integrity and innovation.  For this project, our team was tasked with providing an overhaul to the main company pages, as well as microsite for their product, Intelli-hood.  These sites represent two separate domains (www.melinkcorp.com & www.intellihood.com) but are seamlessly combined into a single overall theme.  The sleeker design makes it simple to jump from site to site, while remaining in the company’s overall vision and branding.  Each webpage is also responsive with clean layouts for easy navigation.  We are proud of the redesign and think Melink has a fresh face forward as they continue to expand.

OmniSpear Has Upgraded!  Come See Our New Office Space.

OmniSpear, Inc. Has Upgraded!  Come See Our New Office Space.

We’ve outgrown our old office space and have made a move up the the 2nd floor.  By designing a new office layout from scratch, we have been given the opportunity to more than double our existing space while also giving ourselves room for continued growth.

Some highlights of our new digs include an additional huddle room and lounge area for formal / informal meetings as well as a break room complete with bar and table seating.

Our new space is more inviting and allows more room for departments to grow, as well as harness our internal communication more effectively. Our development team is no longer crowded together, but has a creative seating arrangement that allows for both group and individual work.  Our IT support team has a quieter space that provides them privacy for even better phone support and hardware work-space. The entire development team now has stand up / sit down desks as well, which has done wonders in helping keep them more refreshed and ready for action.

Come see our new office and we’ll give you a tour!



developer2 developer1 conference_room


We’re Hiring! Full-Time Network Technician

OmniSpear, Inc. located between Dayton and Cincinnati is seeking a full-time Network Administrator to provide client support. Duties will include workstation and network troubleshooting and server administration. Position requires both inter-office technical support as well as client on-site services.
Candidates must meet or exceed our listed requirements to be considered for this position.

Technical Requirements:
Experience with Microsoft Office, Microsoft Windows, and Linux (or OS X).
Working knowledge of networking technologies such as ethernet, switches, computer hardware, and software.
Knowledge of Active Directory.
Provide computer and network support to end-users, both local and remote.
Perform support and maintenance, both local and remote, of server and network hardware.
Provide resolution to help desk tickets, covering all IT technology issues and accurately document the nature of the problem with supporting details.
Diagnose reported PC/peripheral/client software problems and enact appropriate solutions with a high level of user satisfaction.
Configure, install and deploy user-issued hardware and software, ensuring reliability and a high level of performance.
Maintain inventory of both client and network assets (make, model, serial number, location, assigned user).
Ensure compliance to hardware and software standards and licensing.
Manage ticket queue and escalate tickets to upper tier network team, as needed.
Work with third party vendors to resolve hardware issues that are covered under manufacturer and extended warranties.
Maintain system image configurations and continue to improve software standardization.
Strong customer service through communications and follow-up.
Additional related duties as assigned by management.

Varies based on experience of Candidate

Non-Technical Requirements:

Candidate should have completed or be actively be pursuing Associates or Bachelors in an Information Technology field.

Excellent troubleshooting and diagnostic capabilities.
Must be able to effectively prioritize tasks in a high-pressure environment with strong customer service orientation.
Must be able to balance working independently or in a team and provide effective communication communication skills to main office and client contacts.
Maintain the appropriate level of confidentiality.
Maintain and extend current knowledge of technology innovations in networking and computing.
Must be able maintain travel accommodations to client offices.

Application Instructions:

Email resumes to careers@omnispear.com for consideration. Please include your name and the position in the subject of the email.

Office Location:
9039 Springboro Pike
Miamisburg OH 45342

Use multiple cloud hosting companies for efficient pricing and effective infrastructure.

While the idea of managing data and applications using multiple cloud providers may sound like a nightmare to maintain – are there any benefits? One likely benefit is the removal of single point of failure within your business process. Cloud providers ranging from Amazon to Microsoft have faced outages in the past and it surely was noticed throughout the web (Instagram website was unavailable).

By putting your business processes in multiple locations and infrastructure – you will find yourself in the following situation: “Our website and applications are down but our reporting service and HR systems are still up.” Doesn’t that sound better compared to “It’s all down. We’re waiting on the hosting company to come back with an ETA.” Perhaps your reporting service is hosted in Microsoft’s Azure (SQL Server and SharePoint rigged with SQL Reporting Services) with SalesForce.com handling HR information. Just because your corporate website and product is unavailable doesn’t mean your whole company is at a full stop.

Selecting multiple cloud carriers leaves room for creative price management. Perhaps one provider is better for bandwidth while another is more flexible for storage. If the cost of managing your IT infrastructure is really a concern, selecting multiple cloud hosting company should definitely be considered. And there are solutions out there to help manage the multiple cloud environment, such as RightScale.

Further reading:

2014 Best Cloud Hosting Reviews and Comparisons

Amazon Web Services suffers outage, takes down Vine, Instagram, others with it

Top Trends At CES 2014

CES logoCES stands for the Consumer Electronics Show and it is the biggest show of the year when it comes to the latest in consumer electronics and innovation! The Consumer Electronics Show is held every year in early January at Las Vegas Nevada. It not only brings all of the largest consumer electronics manufacturers to one place, but also some companies you may not have heard of yet.

If you follow tech news throughout the year, then you can most likely predict what will be unveiled during CES. Despite the predictions and rumors, you still managed to be surprised. The two biggest trends this year were wearable technology and TV’s.

Wearable technology has absolutely exploded in the industry in the past 2 years. With such pieces like Google Glass and Pebble smartwatches, everyone is trying to get a taste of this “new” market. Companies such as Samsung, Epson, and Razer have also been featured with wearable technology. Check out some of the product links at the end of the article.

TV’s and other home entertainment devices are always a wonder to see at CES. This year was no exception. Two devices come to mind out of all others. Vizio’s 120 inch, Ultra HD (4K) “Reference” series TVs stole the show being the biggest and most vivid of CES 2014. Samsung brought something else to the game this year, a curved TV. Using bendable LED technology Samsung offers curved screen TV’s from 55″ to 110″. They even offer a TV that goes from curved to straight in a matter of seconds.

Check out the links below for more details of these awesome products:

Solid State Drives

If you’re interested in computing technology, you’re probably already quite familiar with the term “solid state drive.”  Solid state drives, or SSDs, are a fairly new hard drive technology that stores your computer’s data on a stationary flash medium, rather than on a rotating disk like old HDDs.  SSDs are exceptionally fast, able to achieve data read and write speeds hundreds of times faster than HDDs, and are also more mechanically reliable since they contain no moving parts.  However, as a relatively new technology, they are still prohibitively expensive for many functions.  If you’re interested in upgrading your hard drive to an SSD, though, you have several options to reduce cost.

840PROThe first option is simply to wait.  As with most new technologies, SSD costs have been tumbling, decreasing by a factor of three over the past three years.  Currently, a 512GB Samsung 840 Pro can be had for $429 or a 256GB model for $214; these prices are sure to continue falling.  If your computer’s boot time and performance are fine as-is and you’re on a tight budget, waiting to upgrade could be your best bet.

If you’re using a desktop PC, a second option is to install a small boot SSD and keep the remainder of your files on a larger HDD.  Putting your operating system and core applications on a 64GB or 128GB SSD will significantly decrease your boot time and application start time, while avoiding the prohibitive cost of a larger model.  You can then store the rest of your files on your existing HDD and take advantage of the cheaper storage space.  Unfortunately, this solution is only really feasible for a desktop PC; very few laptops have the physical internal space to accommodate an additional hard drive.

Finally, a third option that will work for almost any PC is to upgrade to a fusion drive.  A fusion drive is a single hard drive that contains a small SSD partition and a larger HDD partition.  The drive firmware automatically moves your operating system and most frequently-used files and applications to the SSD portion, providing rapid access to the things you need most, and stores the rest on the larger HDD portion.  Fusion drives offer read/write speeds that can approach those of an SSD under optimal circumstances for a significantly reduced cost.  Additionally, fusion drives can be installed in laptops as well as desktop PCs, since both the SSD and HDD sectors are contained in a single drive enclosure and exposed to the operating system as a single hard disk.

As SSD prices continue to fall, this exciting new technology will become affordable for more and more computer users.  Here at Omnispear, we’re always staying on top of the latest technology to provide top-quality IT support to our clients.  For quotes or inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The Importance of Software License Management

As businesses grow and purchasing of software is spread across multiple people, it has become increasingly difficult to manage and keep track of the licenses for this software. There are several reasons why keeping an up-to-date inventory of software licenses is important. First it ensures that you are in compliance with the software company’s terms and conditions. Secondly, this inventory will help assist you in the process of showing proof of purchase in case of an audit done by a software company. Lastly, keeping an up-to-date inventory allows you to easily and quickly access license serial keys for software reinstalls in case of a computer crash.

Many companies use basic Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheets to manage their software licensing. This solution is okay, but the major issue with using any type of manual entry inventory is making sure your data is up-to-date. After purchasing several licensed software titles and forgetting to update your inventory results in the data becoming out of date and eventually unusable.


OmniSpear has a solution to this problem. Currently in beta now, AMS (AllMySoftware) is a web and cloud-based solution that will manage all of your IT infrastructure licensing needs by small software agents deployed on all computer systems that will securely transmit data to a web management portal in the cloud. This portal will display all licenses across several groups, locations, or clients (for MSP’s) and will allow multiple users in your organization to manage this data. This system will always keep an up-to-date listing of software licenses on all systems.

For more information please visit www.allmysoftware.com

Alternative Office Application Solutions

Let’s face it. Times are still tough and money is still tight, but your workload certainly isn’t. We all know the very popular Microsoft Office applications aren’t exactly cheap, but they’re still necessary. Well there are ways to get the job done at just the right price, free. Whether you’re using Windows, Linux, or Macintosh there is a free office suite alternative out there for you! Let’s check it out.

open-source-crave-1Apache OpenOffice has been available to the public since 2000. Now maintained by the popular web server software developer Apache, OpenOffice is one of the most popular free office alternatives today. One of the great benefits to this software, as well as other free office suite solutions is its compatibility to Microsoft Office file formats.

Here is what comes with Apache OpenOffice:

  • Writer – a word processor you can use for anything from writing a quick letter to producing an entire book.
  • Calc – a powerful spreadsheet with all the tools you need to calculate, analyze, and present your data in numerical reports or sizzling graphics.
  • Impress –  the fastest, most powerful way to create effective multimedia presentations.
  • Draw – lets you produce everything from simple diagrams to dynamic 3D illustrations.
  • Base – lets you manipulate databases seamlessly. Create and modify tables, forms, queries, and reports, all from within Apache OpenOffice.
  • Math – lets you create mathematical equations with a graphic user interface or by directly typing your formulas into the equation editor.

As mentioned earlier, Apache OpenOffice is compatible with Microsoft Office file formats. You can open, edit, and save into Microsoft Office formats. You can read from .doc, .docx, ,xls, .xlsx, .ppt and .pptx. You can save to .doc, .xls, and .ppt. Apache OpenOffice supports Windows, Macintosh and Linux environments. To check out more about them, visit their website at www.OpenOffice.com.

There are certainly more free alternative office suits available to you. Check out LibreOffice (Windows / Mac / Linux),  Google Docs (web-based, works with modern web browsers), NeoOffice (Mac) and iLIfe / iWork (With purchases of new Macs or iOS devices, or you can upgrade if you had a previous version of iLIfe and iWork.).

OmniSpear, Inc is always looking at the new and innovative products that come from our wonderful industry! We embrace and utilize different software and hardware solutions to meet our customers needs and their budget. For more information, visit www.DaytonITSupport.com. and www.OmniSpear.com.