Standard Development Methodology Improves the Odds: Meeting Clients’ Expectations and Delivering Great Custom Web Applications

Delivering great software applications is imperative to the success of a custom software development shop. Clients turn to a custom shop when off-the-shelf, prepackaged one-size-fits-all solutions can’t meet their business need. They require a unique solution. Delivering a great custom solution means merging the benefits of a standard solution – value, predictability, tried and tested – into a custom software application tailored to the Client’s own business requirements.

A great development team can more successfully deliver great software applications – applications that delight the Client, are delivered on time and on budget and are defect free – with the benefit of our Standard Development Methodology. Even though no two custom software projects will ever have the same spec, the building blocks are generally very similar. Whether you’re building an elegant glass atrium or a solid cinder block warehouse, you need to know the building’s use, put in a foundation, build a solid infrastructure and add exterior finishing touches to realize the architect’s vision and ultimately meet the client’s expectation.

Adhering to a Standard Development Methodology enables our team to more successfully engage the Client resulting in an agreed upon project scope, an effective build plan, realistic due dates and aligned expectations. Our Development Methodology allocates appropriate time to Discovery – gaining insight about the Client and its requirements – and Design – establishing a clear vision for the application. These upfront, pre-coding phases result in the most value for the development dollar.

development process

The truth is, it’s expensive to code. The greatest value in custom development is achieved when code is written to meet the project requirements the first time through. Many might view planning and documenting as time wasted. We believe time spent planning avoids wasted time during Development.