OmniSpear Scene75 Office Party

LAN PartyWhat better way to celebrate successful project launches than to head out to Scene75 for a day of games, Go-Karts, bowling and bumper cars?  Our group had a great time enjoying some team building this past Friday.  A few competitive rounds of Go-Karts, game racing and mini-golf challenges really helped pump us up for upcoming projects!


The Importance of Responsive Design

CMH-mockup-480x480With the majority of internet searches now initiating from mobile devices, responsive design is more important than ever. Responsive design allows your site to self-adjust to adequately fit mobile devices and tablets. Sites appear differently to users depending on how they are accessed – whether by a mobile device, tablet or laptop.  Without responsive design, customers can experience trouble while navigating the web on handheld devices, and features of websites can even become distorted.  These issues can heavily impact users and deter customers from visiting you online.  At OmniSpear,  we pride ourselves on our focus on responsive design.  As a standard, our sites are all optimized for the best viewing capabilities on phones and tablets.  We make sure your site looks its best no matter how customers get there.

Mobile Application Development Frameworks

Here at OmniSpear, the development team is about to ramp up on creating a mobile application for the iOS and Android platform (Windows Phone support to follow). Evaluating the many frameworks out in the wild, we’ve become attracted to one specific contender. Our initial requirements out of the gate are as follows:

  1. Rapid development & deployment without steep learning curve.
  2. The ability to test the application on multiple physical devices without publishing the application to the market store (Google Play & Apple Store).
  3. Mobile application should have a native look and feel aspect to it.

Following options were assessed:

PhoneGap Build, Steroids, and Icenium all support the PhoneGap framework (or the open source version Cordova). Since Javascript is a common knowledge among our team, utilizing PhoneGap fits quite well in our development environment. All three has a solid build system allowing us to make changes and viewing the application on our own physical device with ease. However Icenium really shines when it comes to providing a rich user interface library, that’s where Kendo UI comes in (among other attractive integration features like MVVM).

Build, test, fix, test, and deploy. We could take the route of either creating or bringing in external open source work to create the bells and whistles and the lean underlying code that does the real work. However if the project schedule is too sensitive to bringing in some “cool” library from Github what naturally makes sense? In our case, a whole solution provider to keep development cycle tight and all integrated along with a dedicated customer support.

For those interested in the difference between the popular jQuery Mobile and Kendo UI: JQUERY MOBILE VS KENDO UI